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Environmental Stewardship

Our farmers know how to maintain the balance of our natural systems by restoring growth and supporting biodiversity on our lands, resulting in healthy grapes and soil:

  • Our vineyards are third party certified sustainable under the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW), and Sustainability in Practice (SIP) programs.
  • Our care goes beyond the planted vines — of the 5,100 acres that make up the Estate, less than the 20% of the property is planted to vines. The majority of our land is left as open space for native plants and animals to flourish.
  • The estate is home to raptor and owl boxes that provide a safe nesting place for creatures that provide natural pest management in the vineyards.
  • We work closely with resource agencies throughout Sonoma County to ensure stream restoration and endangered species protection.
  • The vineyards on the estate use drip irrigation, and we’ve installed weather stations to promote responsible water use and help us more accurately determine when we need to irrigate.


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