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Lisa Valtenbergs, Winemaker

When you’re a winemaker, a sensitive nose can be a very good thing. This is what Lisa Valtenbergs discovered. “My parents said I always complained about smells,” Lisa recalls of her early years growing up in Sonoma County. “Finally, my mom’s friend told me to put that nose to use, and so I went into wine.”

Lisa bolstered her natural sensory skills with hands-on experience and a solid education, developing a well-rounded understanding of the wine industry. She went to Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo for college. While there, she spent a semester abroad studying international wine marketing at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, and worked her first harvest at Tolosa Winery in Paso Robles in 2000. Lisa graduated from Cal Poly in 2001, with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business and a minor in Viticulture.

Lisa joined Stonestreet in 2008, largely drawn to the winery by the opportunity to work with the Stonestreet Estate Vineyards. She loves the diversity of her job, from the vineyards to the cellar. "I like seeing something to completion, watching the fruit ripen, coddling it and nurturing it, watching it progress until it becomes the wine you find in the bottle." In her free time, Lisa enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, waterskiing and hiking.  She also likes to travel and taste wine from all over the world.

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