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Automatic Allocations


Those not yet a member can guarantee access to the wines of their choosing only available through a wine club or automatic allocation membership. Additionally, Ascent and Summit members can enhance their membership by adding an automatic allocation to ensure they receive additional bottles of their favorite varieties and vintages.

Complimentary shipping applies to automatic allocations of six bottles or more. For each shipment, we take precautions for weather and time of year—at no additional cost to you—to protect your investment. Due to the limited availability our wines, membership is limited in our automatic allocation program.

Available Automatic Allocations: (currently all on wait list)

Red Point Chardonnay
Gravel Bench Vineyard Chardonnay
Monolith Cabernet Sauvignon
Christopher's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine

Please contact our team by email or phone at 707.473.3307. Please advise which wine(s) you are interested in and the number of bottles; 3, 6, or 12. All Automatic Allocation are currently closed and access requests are being placed on a wait list.

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